Founded in 753 BC, Rome is known as ‘La Città Eterna’ (the Eternal City). Italy’s capital is famous for it’s storied history, it’s tourism and for being the centre of the catholic church. But Rome is also home to Italy’s largest student population, totalling nearly half a million!

Jesus adorns the walls and walkways of churches throughout Rome, but He is nowhere to be found in the hearts of most. In fact, less than 1% of Italians know and follow Christ. 

With religion and spirituality an interest of their grandparents, todays young Italians are facing a record high youth unemployment rate (44%) and intense pressure to succeed in University. Students are overwhelmed and without hope.

This is a vital time in Italian history. A new generation of student is emerging. Having lived through economic and political insecurity, young Italians are actively searching for somewhere to place their hope. And in recent years we have seen a marked interest in God and matters of faith.

We wholeheartedly want to see this jaded generation introduced to the life-changing hope that we have through a relationship with Jesus.