Newlyweds as of May 2019 !!!

Newlyweds as of May 2019 !!!



We first met at a student ministry conference while Andrew was working for Cru/Agape in Greece and Lyn was doing the same in Italy. We became fast friends and two years later began to date. After a year and a half of long distance, with Lyn in Rome and Andrew in the States, the gap was finally closed and we got married this past May! Now we’re settling into life in Rome and are excited to serve the Lord together, keen to see Italian students lives transformed by Christ. 


During my study abroad year in Italy, the Lord interceded in my life in a transformative way. I had been living an unsatisfying life, running from God for many years. As a student, Agape challenged me to rethink my relationship with God and I chose to trust in Jesus instead of myself. Both Italy and Agape were significant in my story of coming to know Christ. I feel so fortunate to be able to join the Lord where He is already at work and to see the lives of Roman students forever changed by His grace.


My first year of university I was greeted with countless new ideas and schools of thought. I questioned the faith that I had always heard was the truth, and immediately the world was there to tell me to believe in something else or believe nothing at all. It wasn't until an on-campus ministry event that I met an older student who helped me understand the Gospel. God used him to speak clear truth to me despite the thousands of new things the world wanted me to believe. While serving with Cru in Europe, I saw what it meant to live in a Post-Christian world where university students don't even know someone who knows Jesus. I see students like me on these campuses, hungry for truth but being fed lies from the world. The Lord is moving on these universities and I am excited to be a part of it.